3/4" Basic Rain Tree Stand with Sprinkler

3/4" Basic Rain Tree Stand with Sprinkler

Offered for a limited time while quantities last! An excellent limited quantity price compared to many stands on the market. The 3/4" basic rain tree stand is a durable, plated metal folding stand with a large agriculture grade brass 3/4" base sprinkler head attached and brass swivel garden hose attachment. This stand opens up with a wide, stable base when operating and easily folds up for storage in your garage or closet. Comes with 3 nozzle sizes to accomodate your water source: Flow ranges from 5 to 10 gallons per minute and coverages up to 90 feet in diameter! Operates from a garden hose!


Plated metal stand for durability Agriculture grade 3/4" base brass sprinkler head Interchangeable nozzle set Brass garden hose inlet swivel

Features and Benefits:

Easily foldable for storage Large diameter coverages up to 90 feet in diameter

Primary Applications:

General watering Residential yards Gardens Shrubs Nursery plants Much more!