Hose Reels

Save time and labor on your watering by using a hose reel with your irrigation system. These will help you avoid the wear and tear, turf damage, and tangling of your hoses.  Choose from 3 different options depending on your hose type and size. 

Our Lay-Flat Hose QuickReels work well for those customers with multiple rolls of 1.5” or 2” Lay-Flat irrigation hose . It comes with a tension brake to allow for a safe and constant rate of hose deployment. All of this is with a heavy-duty steel frame and side panels. Plus, a quick-attach handle that ensures a quick and effortless retrieval of your lay-flat hose assemblies.  It comes as stand-alone unit or with an ATV trailer cart assembly. With its large 18" ATV wheels it will travel over any terrain giving you added mobility when either retrieving or deploying your lay flat hose.

For users with 5/8” or 3/4" garden hose we have a 12” heavy duty hose reel cart built to withstand years of continued use of winding and unwinding your hoses.

Our 18” electric hose reel is designed for professional grounds maintenance users. This model comes with 100’ of 1” heavy duty hose. All components are made of high quality, powder coated steel.


FREE FREIGHT - In continental USA! The ALL NEW Model 4200HR Lay-Flat Hose QuickReel from BigSprinkler.com is complete and ready for purchase! This reel design was brought to the market as a solution for our customers with multiple rolls of lay-flat irrigation hose. This “one of a kind” reel makes deployment and retrieval of 1.5” or 2” irrigation hose a very quick and simple process!! No more back aches bent over rolling up hose by hand or un-tangling hose when setting up your irrigation system……The Model 4200HR features four storage slots with each slot holding up to 100 feet of 1.5” or 2” medium duty “Blue” or heavy duty “Red” hose with the cam-lock connections. A tension brake comes standard on the QuickReel and allows for a safe and constant rate of hose deployment. Heavy Duty steel frame and side panels with a quick-attach handle ensures quick and effortless retrieval of your lay-flat hose assemblies.

The 1.5 Inch or 2 Inch Lay Flat Hose Reel has mounting holes on the bottom side of the frame panels for mounting to a cart or vehicle. The reel is also available with an ATV trailer cart assembly.

Proudly Made in the USA by our team of craftsmen at BigSprinkler.com!!

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FREE FREIGHT - In continental USA! The Quick Reel Lay Flat Irrigation Hose with Trailer Package for sale will bring the mobility you need to easily transport your hose wherever you need it.  The trailer has a sturdy 34 in. x 48 in. expanded metal deck with 16 gauge steel tube frame supports up to a 1000 lb. load and tilts upon removal of cotter pin. With it's large 18" ATV wheels it will be able to travel over any type of terrian.  The hitch pin on this hose reel for flat hose can be used with an ATV or UTV to pull the trailer.  Trailer assembly required.  (Trailer not sold individually)               


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This is the last heavy-duty commercial hose reel and cart you will need to buy!  Built by the professionals at Reelcraft, this heavy-duty hose reel is made to withstand years of continued use and winding and unwinding of the hose. This 12" wide hose reel features smooth hand crank performance, heavy duty fluid path, "non-leak" inlet swivel, a 10-foot inlet hose to adapt you your faucet, adjustable brake mechanism, and a heavy-duty square tubular hose cart for easy maneuverability. This model will handle up to 200 feet of a 5/8" ID garden hose or up to 100 feet of a heavy commercial grade 3/4" ID garden hose!  All components of this commercial hose reel and cart are made of high-quality, powder-coated steel.  No plastic!  Hose not included. Order your 12" Heavy Duty Hose Reel and Cart today and manage your hoses the professional way.

Note: This product is shipped out directly from ReelCraft, Delivery times will vary. 

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