Trailer Cart w/ 18" Hose Reel Electric Rewind


Are you tired of dragging or coiling hoses after you have finished watering?  The professional trailer cart and heavy duty Reelcraft 37000 Series Hose Reel makes all of your hose storage nightmares go away!  These Electric 18" Hose Reel and Trailer Cart packages are designed for grounds maintenance applications requiring up to 1" I.D. x 100 feet of hose.  In addition, these electric hose reels are great for watering golf courses, athletic fields, parks and recreation facilities, large estates, universities, agriculture use, and much more.

The 18" wide electric water hose reel can hold 100 feet of 1" heavy duty hose (not included) and comes with a10 foot x 1" lead hose to connect to your water source. This version features a 12V DC electric rewind!  So purchase this Electric 18" Hose Reel and Trailer Cart for sale today and begin to avoid wear and tear, turf damage, and tangling up of your hoses; and most of all save time and labor on your watering projects!

Note: This product is shipped out directly from ReelCraft via LTL Freight, Delivery times will vary. 


  • Trailer Cart with ATV or Lawn Mower Hitch
  • 18" 37000 Series Reelcraft Hose Reel
  • Electric Rewind Hose Reel with Heavy Duty Inlet Swivel
  • Top Wind Roller Bracket Included
  • 100' of Heavy Duty 1" Hose Included
  • 10' of 1" Lead Hose Included

Features and Benefits

  • Reacts quickly and easily, and reduce tangled hoses
  • Reduces turf damage from dragging hoses
  • Saves labor by improving response time
  • Reduces hose wear by storing on a reel
  • System provides quick supplemental irrigation to enhance your existing system

Primary Applications

  • Estates & Large Acreages
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Sports Turf/Athletic Fields
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Pressure Washing
  • Golf Courses
  • Pest Control
  • Agricultural Nurseries
  • Universities, Resorts, etc.