Hoses & Fittings

Here is where you can find an assortment of different styles of our irrigation hoses for sale such as a lay flat discharge hose, mill hose, garden hose and suction hose for your pump set-ups.  We have complete hose kits with diameters from 3/4" to 3" and in 50' and 100' lengths.  We can also build custom length hose to fit your project if needed.  You will also find an assortment of Mikalor hose clamps along with hose connectors such as camlocks and galvanized fittings.  If you need help with any of your hose or connection needs, please call (855) 805-7901 and let us help you find the right products for your project. 

These durable pre-made commercial grade water hose assemblies are strong enough to stand up to whatever your area irrigation needs are. We’ve got hoses for farm and ranch duty, commercial garden hose, cam lock connection hoses, and suction and discharge hoses. You’re sure to find a high-quality commercial grade hose that’s just right for your irrigation solution.

These cam lock fittings are manufactured using heavy duty aluminum or aluminum alloy. Each cam lock fitting style is designed for high tensile strength, lightness, and rigidity, giving you a quick connection with your hoses, pumps or sprinkler carts. You won’t have leaks with these dependable quick connect pipe fittings.

We also carry quality hose clamps for sale made for rugged use on a variety of hoses and high-pressure applications. You can find hose fittings and hose locks for regular, suction or discharge hoses. Shop for heavy duty hose clamps below!

Don’t waste unnecessary money replacing your outdoor use, cold-water hose. Extend its life instead with our heavy-duty brass and stainless steel hose menders for 3/4" garden hoses or 1" to 3" lay-flat hoses. Made with heavy-duty brass or stainless steel, you can have your hose repaired to functional in minutes with these hose menders.

These brass quick couplings offer convenient water access for potable and non-potable systems. Quick coupling system are often found on sports field applications or anywhere you would need a quick coupling system.  Each type is built for industrial and commercial use with rugged red brass for long life.

Our threaded steel pipe fittings are made with a hot dipped galvanized coating. The fit standard NPT pipe threads and are subjected to testing to ensure the highest quality. This means they’ll provide reliable strength for a long while.