Hose Menders

Don’t waste unnecessary money replacing your outdoor use, cold-water hose. Extend its life instead with our heavy-duty brass and stainless steel hose menders for 3/4" garden hoses or 1" to 3" lay-flat hoses. Made with heavy-duty brass or stainless steel, you can have your hose repaired to functional in minutes with these hose menders.

The Steel Plated Hose Mender is used for repairing our hose assemblies. Simply cut out the bad section of hose, insert the mender into the loose hose ends, and clamp into place. You will have your hose repaired in minutes!  Use our heavy duty hose clamps for sale with this mender.

Repair damaged or leaking 3/4 inch garden hose with this heavy-duty 3/4" brass garden hose mender.  


Replace the faucet-end (female) of a 3/4 inch hose with this heavy-duty 3/4" female hose mender.


Replace the attachment-end (male) of a 3/4 inch hose with this 3/4" brass male hose mender.