Suction Hose Assembly w/ Foot Valve (2" and 3")


General purpose pre-made Irrigation Suction Hose Assembly includes a heavy duty aluminum female cam lock connection on one end and a suction strainer with foot valve on the opposite end.  The included foot valve will hold water in the suction hose when the pump is not running which allows for quick priming upon restarting your pump.  High quality hose clamps are used to secure fittings into the hose ends.  Hoses are re-enforced with a special grey helix that allows for flexibility but also provides a non-collapse rigidity for suction applications.  Includes a female quick connect, stainless steel "no-rust" clamps, and a suction strainer with foot valve.

Select size and length that matches your pump application.  Assemblies are available in 15 ft and 20 ft lengths.  


  • Working Pressure: 90 PSI @ 680 F or 65 PSI @ 1050 F
  • Vacuum Rating: (Inches HG) Full @ 680 F, 26 PSI @ 1050 F
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 7” @ 680 F

Features and Benefits

  • Clear, re-enforced high quality suction hose
  • Heavy duty aluminum female cam lock connection
  • Heavy duty stainless hose clamps
  • High quality cast iron foot valve with suction strainer

Primary Applications

  • Suction for Pumping Water for Applications such as General Irrigation, Construction, Mining and Fire Protection using a Gas or Electric Pump