Suction Hose Assembly w/ Screen (2" and 3")

2" x 15' Suction Hose Assembly w/ Screen
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General purpose pre-made Suction Hose Assembly with Screen includes a heavy duty aluminum female cam lock connection on one end and a suction strainer on the opposite end.  High quality hose clamps are used to secure fittings into the hose ends.  Suction water hoses are re-enforced with a special grey helix that allows for flexibility but also provides a non-collapse rigidity for suction applications.  Includes a female quick connect, stainless steel "no-rust" clamps, and a suction strainer.

Assemblies are available in 15 ft and 20 ft lengths.  Select size and length that matches your pump application.

  • Working Pressure: 90 PSI @ 680 F or 65 PSI @ 1050 F
  • Vacuum Rating: (Inches HG) Full @ 680 F, 26 PSI @ 1050 F
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 7” @ 680 F
Features and Benefits:
  • Clear, re-enforced high quality suction hose
  • Heavy duty aluminum female cam lock connection
  • Heavy duty stainless hose clamps
  • High quality suction strainer
Primary Applications:
  • General Irrigation Use
  • Construction & Mining
  • Fire Protection