Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer

Timer - Mechanical 1 Outlet

This Orbit Hose Faucet Timer is easy to set-up and simple to use. With 1 mechanical dial, this watering timer attaches to any standard outdoor hose faucet and has timed watering function that allows for watering times up to 120 minutes. It automatically turns itself off after time runs out. This Orbit Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer has a manual bypass valve so the faucet can be used without removing the timer. It easily attaches to any hose faucet with a swivel move. 

  • Easy to set and use
  • Manual watering control from 2-120 minutes
  • 1 Outlet
  • Mechanical operation requires no batteries
  • Manual bypass for easy faucet use
  • For outdoor use with cold water ONLY
  • 6 Year Warranty
Features and Benefits:
  • Times watering up to 120 minutes
  • No batteries required
  • Ergonomic swivel for easy hose attachment
  • Oversized dial with comfort grip for easy use
  • Saves water in drought conditions
  • Manual water override
Primary Applications:
  • Timed Lawn Watering
  • Timed Plant and Flower Watering
  • Timed Garden Watering
  • Saves water in drought conditions