Orbit Brass Hose Faucet "Y" Manifold (2 Outlet)


Orbit Brass Hose Faucet "Y" Manifold is ideal for 1 to 2 sprinkler hose connections and includes a valve on each connection port. Standard Garden hose connection outlets allowing you to run 2 hoses for multiple irrigating options.


  • Ideal for 1 to 2 sprinkler hose faucet valves
  • Standard 3/4 In. connection
  • Includes mounting bracket for stability
  • Includes 2 shut-off valves for flow control
  • High quality brass construction

Features and Benefits

  • Orbit's brass hose faucet manifold has up to 2 hose outlets with shut-off for multiple uses 
  • Includes leak-free ball valve
  • Includes multiple hose connections for fast, easy installation
  • Dual Adjustable Flow Control

Primary Applications

  • Residential Garden Hose Use