Residential Sled Base Sprinklers

This sled base package features the Rainbird Maxi-Bird 2045-PJ impulse sprinkler that operates in a full or part circle mode. Sled base includes integrated metal weights for stability.  This is a great general use sprinkler that provides excellent coverage in a variety of residential lawn or garden applications.  Includes a nozzle set that will accommodate a flow range of 1.5 to 8.4 gallons per minute and coverages up to 88 feet in diameter.


The Rotator sprinkler is another unique sprinkler that we have packaged with our 2 lb weighted sled base.  This sprinkler utilizes a single nozzle that rotates slowly distributing a nice, even stream of water without the use of a drive arm like impulse style sprinklers.  The rotator technology is a proven technology that has been used in agriculture for over 10 years.


The Xcel Wobbler is a great new product that provides instantaneous coverage over a large area and distributes "rain" like droplets that resist wind drift and evaporation. The Wobbler is used extensively in many areas such as lawns, gardens, nurseries, vegetable crops, turf irrigation, and much more!