Rotator Sprinkler w/ 2 lb. Weighted Sled Base

R2000WF Rotator Sprinkler with Sled Base

The Rotator sprinkler is another unique sprinkler that we have packaged with our 2 lb weighted sled base.  This sprinkler utilizes a single nozzle that rotates slowly distributing a nice, even stream of water without the use of a drive arm like impulse style sprinklers.  The rotator technology is a proven technology that has been used in agriculture for over 10 years.  The modular design of the sprinkler body allows the nozzle to rotate slowly with water being distributed through the opening in the body design and also diffuses the stream for intermediate coverage as the nozzle passes by the diffuser tabs located on the underside of the body opening.  This sprinkler is great for large lawns, gardens, landscaped areas, etc.  The Rotator operates in a full circle pattern between 3.4 and 4.7 gallons per minute depending on your system pressure.  System pressures can range between 35 and 65 psi.  A snap-on part circle guard is included and may attach to the sprinkler to convert to part circle operation allowing a 190 degree wetted pattern.

See specifications tab for full nozzle performance chart.  

  • Inlet Size:  Garden hose connection
  • Flow Rates:  3 - 5 GPM
  • Available Nozzles:  Shipped w/ 3.5mm Gold Nozzle
  • Pressure Range:  35 - 65 PSI
Features and Benefits:
  • Slow Rotating Sprinkler Design for Smooth, Stable Performance
  • Low Cost, low maintenance with only 1 moving part
  • Nylon composite materials to resist corrosion
  • Nozzle Included
  • Low Wind Drift & Evaporative Loss at Low Pressures
  • 2 lb. Weighted Base for Stability w/ Flow-Thru Design for Connecting Multiple Bases in Series
Primary Applications:
  • Flower Bed Watering
  • Garden Watering
  • Indoor & Outdoor Nursery Watering
  • Lawn Watering
  • Dust Suppression