750K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

Wheeled Sprinkler Cart-3/4" w/Sime Koala Sprinkler
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The 750K-Heavy Duty Residential Sprinkler Cart is constructed with a 3/4” heavy gauge steel pipe, a solid 1" steel axle for weight and a durable "baked on" powder coat finish. It also comes standard with a 3/4" brass garden hose swivel and brass commercial grade Sime model "Koala " impact style sprinkler (flow range 3 to 10 GPM) that can be set to a full or part circle spray pattern with area coverages up to 100 feet in diameter!  This sprinkler will maximize your potential from a standard garden hose and is a great all around sprinkler because of its ability to be set for full circle or part circle capability all with one sprinkler head!

The 750 series residential carts are a slightly smaller version of our larger 1000F commercial series cart and are still a much larger product than a store-bought sprinkler.  Our Bigsprinkler carts are fabricated in-house with heavy steel tubing and a solid axle design to prevent tipping while the sprinkler is in operation or when pulling the supply hose to reposition the sprinkler cart. Portable stand sprinkler carts are a great alternative to in-ground sprinkler systems or traveling sprinkler systems when a lower cost but still effective watering method is needed.

See specifications tab for full performance chart.

  • Flow Rate:  6 - 10 GPM
  • Pressure:  25 - 70 PSI
  • Trajectory:  230
  • Sprinkler Stand Body Size:  3/4” Heavy Gauge Tubing
  • Inlet Size:  ¾” Standard, Adaptable to 1”
  • Overall Height (w/ Sprinkler):  20”
  • Overall Length:  21”
  • Total Weight:  13 lbs.
  • Nozzle Sizes Included:  4mm, 5mm
Features and Benefits:
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Tube Construction
  • Solid 1” Steel Axle
  • Brass Garden Hose Swivel Adapter
  • Solid 7” Rubber Wheel Assembly
  • Durable “Baked On” Powder Coat Finish
  • Commercial Grade Full or Part Circle Impact Sprinkler with Brass Base
Primary Applications:
  • General Irrigation Use
  • Acreage or Yard Irrigation
  • Horse Arena Dust Control
  • School Playground Irrigation
  • Natural Sports Turf Irrigation
  • Artificial Sports Turf Irrigation & Cooling
  • Mining Dust Control
  • Pasture Irrigation
  • Hobby Farm Irrigation