Residential Wheeled Sprinkler Carts

The new 750K-Heavy Duty Residential Sprinkler Cart is constructed with a 3/4” heavy gauge steel pipe, a solid 1" steel axle for weight and a durable "baked on" powder coat finish. It also comes standard with a ¾” brass garden hose swivel and brass commercial grade Sime model "Koala " impact style sprinkler (flow range 3 to 10 GPM) that can be set to a full or part circle spray pattern with area coverages up to 100 feet in diameter!  This sprinkler will maximize your potential from a standard garden hose and is a great all around sprinkler because of its ability to be set for full circle or part circle capability all with one sprinkler head!


Our newest sprinkler cart!! - The new 750R -Heavy Duty Residential Sprinkler Cart comes with Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler Technology! This smooth and quiet rotor drive sprinkler features an even water pattern with a gentle rain curtain, interchangeable nozzles, and "leak free" seals to avoid puddling at the sprinkler.