Watering Wand w/ Adjustable 6 Pattern Head (28" to 41")


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Everything in reach can now be easily watered with the BigSprinkler Adjustable 6 Pattern Watering Wand that extends from 28" to 41".   The Watering Wand gives you the versatility to reach into shrubs and bushes; easily watering your vertical, hanging, and planter boxes.  Having six types of spray patterns, the Watering Wand gives you the ability to chose how you want to water.  You can water your delicate plants with the "mist" setting, shower your plants like rain, or select the "jet" spray to help you with basic cleaning projects.  The "Thumb Control" feature will allow you to easily turn the water on or off and adjust the flow amount; all with a flick of your thumb.  Moreover, with this product, you will no longer experience hand cramps from squeezing and holding down your spray nozzle handle; which can cause hand fatigue, limiting your watering time.  Make your watering chores easier TODAY with a BigSprinkler Adjustable 6 Pattern Watering Wand!


  • Made from Zinc, Alloy, ABS, TPR, Stainless, Brass, POM, Rubber
  • Shipping Dimensions:  29"x 6" x 2.5"
  • Weight:  1 pound

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable flow control with thumb
  • 180 degree adjustable head
  • 13” Extension, goes from 28” to 41”
  • 6 Spray patterns

FP Telescopic Wlance spray patterns

Primary Applications

  • Lawn and Garden
  • Hanging Plants
  • General Outdoor Watering Applications