Wheeled Sprinkler Cart - Residential

** NEW PRODUCT **   Wheeled sprinkler carts are a portable and affordable option for irrigating a variety of  areas. The residential wheeled sprinkler cart is designed to connect to a standard 3/4" garden hose and is constructed from heavy gauge stainless-steel and comes with a commercial grade 3/4" full or part circle sprinkler head.  

** SALE - 10% Discount ** ( List Price $139.00 )  PLUS Free Ground Shipping within the continental US   

Introducing the one and only SS1 Stainless Steel Sprinkler Cart with wheels!  The BigSprinkler team has designed and manufactured the SS1 sprinkler cart to set the new standard for quality and durability among residential portable sprinklers with its Stainless-Steel construction.  The SS1 features the GreenPro R3S Max Drive Sprinkler which includes nozzle sizes 4,5, and 6mm to accommodate flow rates from 3 to 11 gallons per minute.  This versatile impact sprinkler includes an adjustable jet stream breaker and can be set to a full or part circle spray pattern with area coverages up to 100+ feet in diameter!  The SS1’s all Stainless-Steel body and axle with durable brass garden hose connection swivel will ensure this cart will stand the test of time!!