Jumbo Heavy Duty Sled Base Sprinkler

Our Jumbo Heavy Duty Sled Base Sprinklers have a sturdy base to help you get ultimate coverage.  We built them to withstand years of use and tower over most store-bought sprinklers. Components include heavy steel water path components, heavy brass hose connections, and 1” impact sprinkler head with additional nozzle sizes for different flow rates.

Free Ground Shipping within the continental US! Introducing our largest portable sprinkler sled....the Jumbo Sled! This sled base is laser cut from 1/4" thick steel plate, custom formed and powder coated to provide the most sleek and durable sprinkler base on the market.  Each component in this assembly is a quality selection including the heavy steel water path components, heavy brass garden hose connection fittings, and the all new Jumbo sprinkler with nozzle set allowing flow ranges from 3 to 16 gallons per minute. The Jumbo sprinkler features an adjustable jet stream breaker for changing stream pattern and can be operated in full circle mode or part circle mode by simply adjusting the part circle tabs at the base of the sprinkler. This is another quality sprinkler constructed from a cast aluminum body with brass drive arm and brass lower turning union.