Aluminum Male Quad Stand Quick Coupling

Aluminum Quick Coupling - 2" Male w/Latch

Aluminum Male Quad Stand top mount Quick Coupling (for Adapting female 1.5" or female 2" Sprinkler Coupling to Quad Stand).  **Must be ordered with either the 1.5" or 2" female sprinkler coupling**

  • Made of high quality cast aluminum 
  • 3 Metal Spring Loaded Connection points for Stability
  • 2" Female pipe thread connection to attach to Quad Stand
Features and Benefits:
  • The male and female quad stand couplings allow the user to quickly and easily disconnect the sprinkler from the quad stand to avoid damage to the sprinkler when re-positioning the quad stand
Primary Applications:
  • Heavy-duty aluminum quick connect cam lock fitting with standard pipe threads
  • Fastening mechanism for hose ends, pipe connections, etc
  • Specifically designed for high tensile strength, lightness, and rigidity