Commercial Quad Stand

Commercial Quad Stand

High Quality 2" Quad stand with telescoping legs for larger sprinklers:

Adaptable Sprinklers:  K1, Ambo, Hidra, Luxor, River, Skipper, Senior, Duplex; *A Threaded Sprinkler Bushing will be Supplied to Adapt Sprinkler to Quad Stand.  (Sprinklers Sold Separately)

Quick connect adapters for attaching the sprinkler to the stand also available in this section.

Recommended water feed:  1.5" or 2" line

  • Heavy Duty Metal Quad Stand with 2" Connections
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Threaded adapter supplied for sprinklers with 1.25" or 1.5" connections
  • Weight:  37lbs.
  • Quick connect adapters available in this section
Features and Benefits:
  • Quad Stand Center Pipe Adjusts From 44”- 64” Tall, (Does not include height of sprinkler)
  • Adjustable Legs Allow for Levelling of the Stand on uneven ground,
  • Large Feet for Added Stability in Loose Soil Conditions
  • Adaptable Quick Coupler for Easy Sprinkler Mount
  • Collapsible for Easy Storage
Primary Applications:
  • Acreage Watering
  • Gardens with Tall Plants such as Sweet Corn
  • Sports Fields
  • Commercial Properties
  • Mining Projects
  • Reclamation Projects