1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart & 3/4" x 75 ft. Hose Combination Kit

1000F Wheeled Sprinkler Cart & 3/4" x 75 ft. Hose Combination Kit

Our 1000F Sprinkler Stand & 3/4" x 75 ft Hose Kit, packaged and ready to ship!  The 1000F-Heavy duty sprinkler cart with wheels is constructed of 1” heavy gauge steel pipe with solid 1.5" steel axle for weight and durable "baked on" powder coat finish.  It also comes standard with a ¾” brass garden hose swivel and commercial grade Sime model "Funny" impact style sprinkler.  The sprinkler can be set to a full or part circle spray patterns with coverages up to 120 feet in diameter!!  The sprinkler also includes 5 nozzle sizes (A performance chart may be viewed at bottom of the page). Furthermore, the package includes our heavy duty 3/4" x 75 ft. Apex garden hose.  This sprinkler and hose combination will have you hooked up and watering in minutes, everything you need is included!

  • Flow Rate:  6 - 26 GPM
  • Pressure:  20 - 80 PSI
  • Trajectory:  280
  • Sprinkler Stand Body Size: 1” Heavy Gauge Tubing, 3/4" x 75' Apex Heavy Duty Hose Included
  • Inlet Size:  ¾” Standard, Adaptable to 1”
  • Overall Height (w/Sprinkler):  22”
  • Overall Length:  28”
  • Total Weight:  25 lbs.
  • Nozzle Sizes Included: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm
Features and Benefits:
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Tube Construction
  • Solid 1.5” Steel Axle
  • Brass Garden Hose Swivel Adapter
  • Solid 8” Rubber Wheel Assembly
  • Durable “Baked On” Powder Coat Finish
  • Commercial Grade Full or Part Circle Impact Sprinkler w/ Brass Base
Primary Applications:
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Residential or Acreage Yard Irrigation
  • Horse Arena Dust Control
  • School Playground Irrigation
  • Natural Sports Turf Irrigation
  • Artificial Sports Turf Irrigation & Cooling*
  • Mining dust Control
  • Pasture Irrigation
  • Hobby Farm Irrigation