1250H Wheeled Sprinkler Cart

Wheeled Sprinkler Cart - 1 1/4" w/Sime Hidra Sprinkler
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The 1250H-Heavy Duty Bigsprinkler Cart is constructed with 1-1/4” heavy gauge steel pipe and a solid 1-1/2" steel axle for weight; complemented by a durable "baked on" powder coat finish. The 1250H features the same body as the 1250K, but utilizes a solid rubber tire with steel rims for added weight and a larger capacity sprinkler head with long and intermediate stream patterns. It also comes standard with 1-1/4" standard national pipe threads but may be adapted to 1.5" or 2" by simply requesting the threaded adapter at checkout in the notes field and we will include it at no charge.  The 1250H is a large commercial grade Sime model "Hidra" impact style sprinkler that may be set to a full or part circle spray pattern. Again, this sprinkler cart is similar to the 1250K but with a larger sprinkler head for a higher flow capacity of 30 to 140 gallons per minute and is normally supplied with a 1-1/2" or 2" incoming line. Be sure, when ordering the 1250H, to pay close attention to the flow rates to ensure that your water source is capable of operating this big, high capacity cart! (A flow chart with nozzle sizes and pressures may be viewed in the specifications tab)

Portable wheeled sprinkler carts are an excellent and affordable option for irrigating a variety of areas such as gardens, large yards or acreages, playgrounds, natural and artificial sports fields, horse arenas or round pens for dust control, livestock grazing paddocks, mining projects, and much more. Our carts are fabricated with care and precision in our facility with heavy steel tubing and a solid axle design to prevent tipping while the sprinkler is in operation or when pulling the supply hose to reposition the sprinkler cart.  This big, durable irrigation cart can be assembled in minutes and ready to irrigate wherever and whenever you want big volume irrigation!

Quality Made in the USA!!

  • Flow Rate:  30 - 140 GPM
  • Pressure:  20 - 100 PSI (Sime Hidra Sprinkler)
  • Trajectory:  250
  • Sprinkler Stand Body Size: 1-1/4” Heavy Gauge Tubing
  • Inlet Size: 1-1/4” Standard, Adaptable to 1” or 2"
  • Overall Height (w/ Sprinkler):  33”
  • Overall Length:  34”
  • Overall Width:  38"
  • Total Weight:  46 lb.
Features and Benefits:
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Tube Construction
  • Solid 1.5” Steel Axle
  • Solid 10” Steel Rim/Foam Rubber Wheel Assembly
  • Grease Zirks on Wheels
  • Durable “Baked On” Powder Coat Finish
  • Commercial Grade Full or Part Circle Impact Sprinkler w/ Brass Base
  • Full Range of Nozzles Included
Primary Applications:
  • General Irrigation Use
  • Gardens
  • Residences or Acreages
  • Horse Arena Dust Control
  • School Playgrounds
  • Natural Sports Turf
  • Artificial Sports Turf Cooling
  • Mining Dust Control
  • Pastures
  • Hobby Farms
  • Wildlife Food Plot

1250H Wheeled Sprinkler Cart