Boost Pump Kit - .85 HP w/Flow Control Switch


This Irrigation Booster Pump with .85 HP Motor and Flow Control Switch will give your water pressure the boost it needs to get the best performance from your big sprinkler product.  The quality in this pumps construction comes from having its main components constructed out of stainless steel such as the pump body, body backplate, impeller and the motor shaft.  It is powered by a .85 HP motor which is sized to work perfectly with your residential garden hose set-up. 

The flow sensor switch makes using this booster pump very easy.  As soon as it senses water flowing it starts the pump and shuts the pump off when the water flow stops, saving you time and protecting your pump.  


  • .85HP Motor
  • 3/4" Garden Hose Connections
  • Stainless Steel - Pump Body, Impeller, and Motor Shaft
  • Install Pump in an Enclosed or Sheltered Environment


pedrollo .85HP performance chart