6.5 HP Medium Pressure Self-Priming Water Pump

6.5 HP Medium Pressure Self-Priming Water Pump

Temporarily Out of Stock - please call for availability.  The 6.5 HP Medium Pressure Self-Priming Sprinkler Water Pump comes with a 6.5 HP Kohler Recoil Start Engine and is used for a variety of general irrigation or water transfer applications.  The pump case is a heavy duty American made cast aluminum pump end assembly with cast iron suction and discharge ports and cast iron wear parts.  In addition, the pump case includes a cast iron impeller, built-in check valve, and a silicon carbide/viton mechanical pump seal. This engine is a reliable 6.5 HP Kohler with recoil start and includes low oil safety shut down.

These pumps are quick and easy to set up and start pumping in minutes!  The large cast aluminum case features a self-priming feature with built in check valve that makes start up easy.  Simply connect the suction and discharge hoses, open the top plug, pour the case full of water, start the engine, and the pump primes automatically in seconds to begin pumping water!  This pump is included in our BigSprinkler Irrigation System Section with our 1000F Complete Irrigation Kit.  With many pumps available on the market, this 6.5 HP Medium Pressure Self-Priming Sprinkler Water Pump sets itself apart by combining unmatched quality workmanship and components with great performance!

Select specifications tab to view a full pump performance chart with the full range of pressures at the given flow rates for matching up to your sprinkler system capacity.

  • Tank Size: 3.88 qt. Providing 2 hr. Run Time
  • Max Flow: 180 gal/min. Open Discharge
  • Max Pressure: 50 PSI @ 5 gal/min

Performance Chart


**Pump and sprinkler performance may vary due to certain atmospheric conditions, elevation, distance, etc.  Pump performance data provided is at 5 feet suction lift.

Features and Benefits:
  • Large Aluminum Die-Cast Pump Case & Impeller
  • Large Pump Case with 2” Horizontal Ports
  • Self-Priming Feature & Built-In Check Valve
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Self-Lubricated Seal with Graphite Impregnated Seat & Viton Elastomers
  • Reliable 6.5 HP Kholer Recoil Start Engine with Low Oil Shutdown
  • Rubber Foot Mounting
Primary Applications:
  • General Irrigation Use
  • Acreage or Garden Irrigation
  • Hobby Farm Irrigation
  • Parks & Recreational Areas
  • Campgrounds
  • Wildlife Food Plots
  • Horse Pasture & Arenas\Mining Dust Suppression
  • Fire Fighting