Hose Reels

** FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION - (limited time only) **  The ALL NEW Model 4200HR Lay-Flat Hose QuickReel from BigSprinkler.com is complete and ready for purchase! This reel design was brought to the market as a solution for our customers with multiple rolls of lay-flat irrigation hose.


** FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION - (limited time only) **  The Quick Reel and trailer package will bring the mobility you need to easily transport your hose wherever you need it.  The trailer has a sturdy 34 in. x 48 in. expanded metal deck with 16 gauge steel tube frame supports up to a 1000 lb. load and tilts upon removal of cotter pin. With it's large 18" ATV wheels it will be able to travel over any type of terrian.  The hitch pin can be used with an ATV or UTV to pull the trailer.


This is the last hose reel you will need to buy!  Built by the professionals at Reelcraft, this heavy duty hose reel is made to withstand years of continued use and winding and unwinding of the hose.


Are you tired of dragging or coiling hoses after you have finished watering?  The professional trailer cart and heavy duty Reelcraft 37000 Series Hose Reel makes all of your hose storage nightmares go away!  These hose reel and trailer packages are designed for grounds maintenance applications requiring up to 1" I.D. x 100 feet of hose.