Sime Skipper Sprinkler

Sime Skipper Sprinkler
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The Sime Skipper is constructed from quality materials by the Sime Irrigation Company located in Northern Italy who have been building this unique sprinkler style for years. The Skipper is a great alternative to impact style sprinklers when smooth and gentle performance is desired with no "impact vibration." This sprinkler has a 1.5 inch female pipe thread connection, adjustable jet stream breaker, and allows coverages up to 260 feet in diameter with flow ranges from 42 to 163 gallons per minute!  

Sime Gear Drive Sprinklers are smooth in action, gentle on tender crops, and can operate on lower pressures than many big sprinklers. Continuous rotation, slow reversing speeds, and uniform water patterns make them an ideal selection for mounting on stationary gun stands, traveling irrigators, center pivots, and much more. No tools are required to change the operation from part circle to full circle; nozzles are interchangeable by hand! 

The Sime Skipper is a 25 degree trajectory sprinkler is an excellent choice a number of general irrigation uses and for dust suppression on equestrian riding facilities with its smooth performance and even water applications!

See specifications tab for full performance information.

  • Water Jet Length:  72'-134' (Radius)
  • Flow Rate Range:  42-163 gal/min. 
  • Pressure Range:  29-70 PSI
  • Trajectory:  250
  • Inlet Size:  1.5” Female Standard Pipe Thread

**These calculations are theoretical test numbers under perfect conditions and do not take into consideration wind, terrain, or other natural acts of nature.

Features and Benefits:
  • Smooth, Continuous, Gear Drive System that Slowly Rotates the Sprinkler Head at a Uniform Speed
  • Adjustable Stops for Full Circle Coverage or Any Part of a Circle
  • Low Angle “Flip Nozzles” Available upon Request
  • Adjustable Jet Breaker
  • Provides Uniform Water Distribution over the Irrigated Area Suitable for Low Flow & Low Pressure Applications
Primary Applications:
  • Stationary Applications: Mining Coal Dust Control, Feedyard Dust Suppression, Arena Dust Control, General Crop Irrigation
  • Center Pivots: Excellent Center Pivot Endgun Especially w/ Low Pressures
  • Traveling Irrigation Systems: Smooth, Uniform Performance on Travelers
  • Log Pile Irrigation: Lumber and Log Pile Wetting - Skipper Sprinkler - Big Sprinkler