Traveling Sprinkler

Don’t like the hassle of manually moving your hoses and sprinklers from place to place during irrigation? Then a traveling sprinkler would be a great irrigation option for you. Moving Sprinklers operate using a turbine drive system that uses the flow and pressure from your water source to retract the reel at the speed of your choice. This specially designed turbine system is a field proven method used with larger commercial traveling sprinklers but now designed in smaller models to work with lower flow rates. With traveling sprinklers, you can have portable, unattended irrigation that is also automatic.

FREE FREIGHT - In continental USA!  The RG25 Traveling Irrigation Sprinkler is a perfect choice anywhere portable, unattended irrigation is desired. Traveling sprinklers eliminate the need for manually moving hoses or sprinklers from place to place. The ReelGreen Model RG25 Traveling Sprinkler is completely water powered using a field proven and efficient turbine drive system which utilizes the flow and pressure from your garden hose to retract the reel at the speed you choose! Simply attach the water hose to the inlet fitting on the stationary base unit, release the turbine drive, and pull the hose cart and sprinkler to the opposite end of the irrigation lane. Then, return to the base unit, re-engage the turbine drive, set the automatic shut off valve, start your water, and the RG25 will do the rest! It will also automatically shut off when finished! Click the images at the right to view a close up of the machine and notice the durable construction and manufacturing components used on this excellent product. Performance summary attachment detailing the RG25's wetted coverage may be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of this page. The ReelGreen Model RG25 Traveling Sprinkler may be ordered with standard gearing for normal turf or vegetation watering, or "high-speed gearing" for dust suppression in horse arenas. When ordering please select "RG 25-HS" if choosing the high-speed gearing option for dust control applications.