How do I size my hose to match my pump and sprinkler?

Matching your pump performance and sprinklers’ requirements to your hose size is important so your system operates at its best.

The factors you will need to know are:

  1. What is the performance capability of my pump?
  2. What is the desired flow rate (gpm) and pressure (psi) needed at the sprinkler for it to perform at its best?
  3. What is the farthest distance my sprinkler will be from my pump?
  4. Is there a significant elevation change – 15 inches or more – between the pump and sprinkler(s)?

The friction loss in your hose is the key factor. The last thing you want is for your high-pressure pump to provide the flow rate (gpm) and pressure you need at the sprinkler, but lose it pumping the water through the sprinkler because of an improperly sized hose. Using the friction loss chart will help you easily find the correct size hose.