How much flow (gpm) and pressure (psi) is required to get a certain amount of coverage?

Our sprinklers come with a set of nozzle sizes, which are fitted to each specific sprinkler. We have a performance chart for each sprinkler that shows the distance that can be covered with a given flow and pressure through each nozzle size. You can use this to match your flow rate and pressure with the proper nozzle size for the area you want to cover.

Reaching a greater distance requires a larger sprinkler that can handle a larger flow amount. It takes a larger volume of water at high pressure for the stream to not dissipate before reaching its end point.

Example: A sprinkler with a 5-millimeter nozzle letting out 10 gpm at 60 psi will cover a 100-foot circle (+-). A bigger sprinkler with a 12-millimeter nozzle letting out 60 gpm at 60 psi will cover a 175-foot circle (+-).