What is the biggest sprinkler I can use with a 2-inch trash pump?

The largest sprinkler we recommend using with a 2-inch trash pump would be the SIME K-1 sprinkler or the 1250K Wheeled Sprinkler Cart, which has the K-1 sprinkler attached to it.

This sprinkler has a set of nozzles that use a flow range of 10 gpm up to 50 gpm. If you choose a sprinkler that requires more flow, your trash pump will not be able to produce the proper flow with enough pressure.

This range of flow (10 – 50 gpm) from a two-inch trash pump will generally have enough pressure to give you a quality spray. A quality spray is achieved when the arc of water from your sprinkler has enough pressure behind it that it begins to break apart along the entire arc of water. When this happens, you get a “rain curtain” which results in even coverage from your sprinkler to the end of the arc.