Telescoping Tripod with 3/4" Base Brass Impulse Sprinkler (Full Circle - Only)


The heavy duty Telescoping Tripod with 3/4" Base Brass Impulse Sprinkler is a great choice for general use on large areas where you need the sprinkler to operate continuously in a full circle.  This is a heavy duty brass sprinkler that is not available in local stores and will give you years of worry free operation.  It comes with two nozzle sizes: 4mm and 5mm, to accommodate a flow range of 3 to 10 gallons per minute and up to 90+ feet in diameter!  Applications include large yard areas, vegetable or flower gardens, orchard or shrub areas, and much more!  Again, this heavy duty Telescoping Tripod with 3/4" Base Brass Impulse Sprinkler is not a sprinkler that you will find in local stores and is a great value for the price!

This combination includes our metal telescoping tripod stand with weighted legs for added stability.  The tripod conveniently adjusts in 2 stages from 25" to 48" in height allowing the user to place the sprinkler above plants and shrubs for excellent coverage and uniformity.  The independent telescoping legs of the tripod may be used to adjust one or two sides of the tripod to uneven terrain.  It also comes with a "Goose Neck" swivel hose attachment for easy hose connection. 

See specifications tab for full performance chart.


  • Heavy Duty Metal Tripod Stand
  • Brass Swivel Connection Adapter
  • Heavy Duty Brass Impulse Sprinkler
  • Spray Diameters Up To 90+ Feet

Features and Benefits

  • Tripod Stands Adjusts From 25" - 48" Tall
  • Full Circle ONLY
  • "Goose Neck" Swivel Connection Adapter
  • Weighted Legs for Added Stability
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Brass Sprinkler Head
  • 6 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Telescoping Stand

Primary Applications

  • Lawn Watering
  • Flower Bed Watering
  • Garden Watering
  • Shrub Bed Watering
  • Indoor & Outdoor Nursery Watering