B303 3/4" Full Circle Sprinkler

Sprinkler - 3/4" Brass, Full Circle

The B303 3/4" Full Circle Sprinkler is constructed with a heavy brass cast body, brass drive arm, and brass lower turning union. It features a quick change nozzle setup all supported by a 3/4" male standard pipe thread connection (3/4" female adapter also included). The B303 model is for FULL circle use only with up to 100 feet diameter coverage. This sprinkler is great for general irrigation use and includes a set of nozzles included to accommodate 3 to 10 gallons per minute. The B303 is the featured sprinkler head on our tripod with 3/4" full circle sprinkler. These sprinklers may also be mounted stationary on riser pipes in a variety of settings for agriculture irrigation, nursery applications, dust control, and much more. You won't be able to compare the quality, performance and price of this B303 3/4" Full Circle Sprinkler with any similar 3/4" base size full circle brass sprinklers on the market!!

See specifications tab for full performance chart.

  • Flow Range3-10 gal/min.
  • Construction: Complete Brass BodyDrive Arm, & Lower Turning Union
  • Inlet Size3/4” Male Pipe Thread w/ 3/4” Female Adapter
  • Trajectory270
  • Nozzle Sizes Included4 mm, 5 mm

These calculations are theoretical test numbers under perfect conditions and do not take into consideration wind, terrain, or other natural acts of nature.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quick Change Nozzles
  • Full Circle Operation
  • Brass construction
  • 27 Degree Trajectory
Primary Applications:
  • General Irrigation Use
  • Residential Irrigation
  • Vegetable & Flower Garden Irrigation
  • Orchard Irrigation
  • Orchard Frost Protection