Portable Sprinkler Stands

Portable sprinkler stands provide you with the versatility to have a strong and sturdy base that your sprinkler can operate from but also be movable to irrigate dry areas as needed.  Our most popular portable sprinkler stands are our wheeled sprinkler carts.  All of our wheeled sprinkler carts are fabricated by us and built to last.  The wheeled sprinkler carts come in multiple sizes to fit your application.  Our heavy duty sled base sprinklers are another original product created by Big Sprinkler.  Our sled bases are formed from thick steel and powder coated or galvanized to give it that protected finish and stable base for our commercial grade sprinkler heads to operate from.  Need more height to water over your shrubs or flowers in your garden then our adjustable tripod sprinkler gives you that ability.  For larger areas, our 2" commercial quad stand provides a stable and adjustable platform for larger sprinklers to use.  From small to big we have the portable water sprinkler stands to fit your needs!

Our wheeled sprinkler carts are a portable and affordable option for irrigating a variety of areas.  Each assembly uses heavy gauge steel construction, solid steel axles, and commercial grade full or part circle sprinkler heads.

The Heavy Duty Sled Base Sprinklers are similar to the Jumbo Sleds except that they are a little lighter and come with sprinklers that are more suited for residential applications.  However, these sleds still provide you with a commercial grade quality product in a residential sized package.  In addition to the already durable construction, the sled is available with a brilliant green, powder coat, baked-on finish. The Heavy Duty Sled Base Sprinklers are designed to work with flow rates and pressures typically found at your homes garden hose spigot and can be connected to a standard 3/4" garden hose.  We offer three sprinkler head options to best fit your irrigation needs: the Impact, the Rotor, and the Xcel Wobbler sprinkler heads. 

Our Jumbo Heavy Duty Sled Base Sprinklers have a sturdy base to help you get ultimate coverage.  We built them to withstand years of use and tower over most store-bought sprinklers. Components include heavy steel water path components, heavy brass hose connections, and 1” impact sprinkler head with additional nozzle sizes for different flow rates.

If you need a sprinkler that can rise over flowerbeds and garden, tripod sprinklers are a great choice.  Tripod Sprinklers are commercial grade sprinkler that can't be found in local stores.  Tripod Sprinklers provides continuous circular operation with adjustable legs for stability.  There are three sprinkler head options available to choose from along with a choice of just the tripod base only in order to add any sprinkler that you choose that the base will support.